How your guitar practice habits impact your success in life.

Did you know that the way you practice guitar can impact other areas of your life? This might sound a bit off-the wall, but it isn’t. Let’s prove it by making a few points.

1. Your self-discipline and progress can boost or lower your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Seeing that you consistently practice and achieve the results you are after serves as a demonstration to yourself that you are able to get what you are after in life. Later on, when you are faced with challenges in other areas of your life, your guitar playing self-discipline and progress will serve as a reference experience and you will approach your goals with more confidence. This will in turn make you more focused and self-disciplined, which will make you feel even better about yourself.

2. Practicing in very focused way helps you develop your concentration skills.

If you spend 20 minutes repeating the same movement and you make great progress in such a short time, you are sending your brain a message that being focused is a good thing and you attach a rewarding feeling to it. This will in turn make your brain want to get more of that good feeling in other areas of your life, and you will find it easier to focus at work or in any other activity you pursue.

3. Setting a fixed time can help you put some rhythm into your life.

Doing something every day at the same time helps you structure your days and feel more organized. It builds your “routine muscle” and indirectly impacts your ability to keep your daily life structured.Even if you cannot practice at the same time every single day, it is a good idea to make a weekly plan of when you are going to practice each day, so that you can build a weekly routine.

4. Practicing guitar creativity helps you become more creative in general.

Whether it is playing the songs you like in a different way, improvising or writing your own songs, guitar practice often has an element of creativity to it. Choosing to play a song with a specific strumming pattern, or changing the phrasing of a melody is already a creative act in itself.Creativity, just like self-discipline, is a muscle that develops when you use it. Your brain gets used to think in a more “lateral” way, which means it makes new connections between different concepts and ideas. This can help you in your work or any other artistic activities you pursue.

So as you can see, your guitar practice habits impact much more than just your progress on guitar, and can have many benefits for your overall life! This is an additional reason to start practicing more consistently and efficiently, and get into an upward spiral which will make you feel great about yourself!

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