Play The Blues But Not Like You Know It

Playing guitar with other people is one of the most enjoyable experiences when learning music, but for most it can be a daunting task if you’re unsure how it works. As your confidence grows, it becomes easier to play in front of other people.One way you make it easier is learn a common pattern of chords that you could sit down with almost anyone who plays guitar, drums, even trumpet (yes… I’m not kidding) and to have fun playing music together without needing to spend the next hour or 2 learning a song that you can both play. We’re going to look at how to play through a chord progression called “The 12 Barre Blues”, but unlike you’ve seen it before. We’re going to look at a minor blues, but also an overview as to why it sounds so cool. No matter what your skill level for your guitar playing, you’ll be able to play through these chords and have lots of fun with it. And if you are more advanced, you can apply lead guitar playing techniques that you know to this chord progression as well. 

The chords are:

| Am | Am | Am | Am | Dm | Dm | Am | Am | Em | Dm | Am | E |

Let’s look at what we have:

Bars 1-4:

| Am | Am | Am | Am |

Here we’re laying out the fact that we’re in a “minor” blues. Notice how almost all the chords are minor chords and not major?

Bars 5-8:

| Dm | Dm | Am | Am |

In bars 5-8, we’re now starting to build some tension in the music in preparation for the last 4 bars which are coming up:

Bars 9-12:

| Em | Dm | Am | E  |

In the last 4 bars, we’re really building some tension in the music, making the listener want to hear more (yes the E chord at the end is intentional).

Get to a blues jam so you can start to experience what it’s like to play the blues. Don’t worry if it’s really scary the first few times you go. Being able to play with other musicians is about learning to communicate with them. Hopefully this article to help give you some new ideas that you can bring to the table as well! So you can impress your new friends. No matter what stage of guitar playing you are at. You can definitely still enjoy playing the blues.

About Author: Guitar Tuition East London is a guitar school based in East Village, Stratford, England that teaches students of all ages who are passionate about playing guitar. On top of doing acoustic and electric guitar lessons for beginners & advanced players. They also have lots of extracurricular activities, including jam sessions, they are able to help their students become great guitar players and confident musicians as well. Helping their students to progress fast both inside lessons and outside as well, they use innovative technique and approach to guitar teaching

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