Do you find yourself practicing but never getting any better? Do you spend countless hours playing, but you never really see any progress? Sometimes you feel like there will be a breakthrough, but then it slips away. You can’t understand what you are doing wrong. Frustration leads you back to YouTube, get more books, or read articles hoping that you can finally get your playing to where you want it to be. It can get infuriating.


  • Improve your current skills
  • Strum a few chords with friends
  • Learn how to write a song
  • Sit in on a jam session
  • Play a guitar solo

I will devise a personalized guitar lesson plan to help you get the fastest results possible. Most guitar instructors won’t or don’t know how to create such a plan. You will get a direct and fast path to becoming the player you want to be.

Learning to play guitar should be fun, whether you are just starting out or stuck in a rut with your current skill level.


“I tried for years to learn guitar on my own (books, you-tube videos, on-line tablature, etc.), and was never happy with the results. Mark focuses on breaking down complex concepts to basic steps, and this really produces results.”
David G. – Engineer/Father (Student Since 2017)

You don’t need “Natural Talent”

Having “Natural Talent” is a myth. Don’t be fearful that you don’t have “it”. Don’t let that falsehood keep you from starting to play or advancing your playing to a higher skill level. Talent isn’t something you are born with. Talent is grown and cultivated in regular people. With the proper strategy, training, coaching, and dedication from you, you can play guitar the way you always dreamed of. I will be with you every step of the way to help overcome any obstacle that may arise.

I offer a FREE introductory assessment lesson

Get Results Faster

I specialize in:

  • New guitar players
  • Those who have been playing for a while
  • Advanced players that want to take it to the “Next Level”

You will get the information, training, coaching, and support needed to advance. I will show you how to apply and integrate skills into your playing to be used in real-life musical situations. In addition, I will teach you how to practice more effectively. Your practice time will yield more and faster results and save you TIME and MONEY.

Get a highly trained teacher

As a member of the “Elite guitar Teachers Inner Circle” (an international professional organization of guitar teachers), I have learned proven methodology for producing successful students. I have access to hundreds of other guitar teachers in that community to constantly revaluate the best and most effective learning techniques. Most guitar teachers have no idea how to teach. I have had specific training on how to be an effective guitar teacher, and I am the only trained teacher in the New Haven CT. area.

I offer a FREE introductory assessment lesson


I can’t believe how much progress I’ve made in less than 4 months … All the lessons are fun and practical. You don’t even realize how much you are learning, because its fun! …Mark attends music teacher conferences and other things [to] stay up on the latest in teaching techniques to make sure his students are making the progress they desire! I absolutely recommend Mark to anyone looking to learn guitar!”
Tim F. – Emercency Medical Tech
“I have been taking lessons with Mark for about a year now! When I started ….. I was interested in learning lead guitar techniques that apply to all genres of music….Since then I’ve improved my speed considerably, been introduced to great techniques to improve accuracy and the sound quality of my playing and I continue to be satisfied with my progress!”
Vedica C. – High School Student
“Mark Turko teaches you intricacies of learning guitar that you would NEVER be able to learn from any on-line lesson!…After 8 short months, I now have my own band, and I’m writing and playing my own music!”
Mark M. – Financial Mgr
” I look forward to coming every week and also enjoy the music theory”
Madeline R. – Primary School Student
“The teaching methods used are making me the kind of guitar player I have always wanted to be”
Mike C.- High School Teacher

“I am committed to your progress and helping you towards mastery of the guitar.”

Mark Turko, Guitar Progress Specialist



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